My name is Anyesi Kapsowe, senior teacher uhurugardens Primary School.

The performance of our school has improved over the last 10 years. we have recorded an improved. last year 2020 we had an increase of plus 20 in KCPE and we were the most improved school in Langata sub county. This is due to embracing ICT in learning and it has motivated our children.  This year we are aiming plus 40.  School administration and the government has been supportive as CBC learners have enough books to study. the ratio of books is now 1:1. Teacher, parents have a lot of corporation which will transform into good performance. facilities we have in school are enough and teaching materials m school admin, and guidance and counselling

We laid out strategies where learners have been peer teaching, group work which enhancing critical thing and participation. The challenges that we are facing is a lot of children from needy areas who requires a lot of support to keep them in class. We normally have individualized learning problem to help those slow learners to have their own pace. most parents here are not well-up so we have well-wishers come in place and help.

we motivate children through trophies and rewards to be motivated. We are aiming even for better performance in future.