We humbly request our well wishers, sponsors and donors to adopt a child through our 'Adopt a Child Programme' run by our school to help those children who are needy. Fill the form below for more.

My name is Robert Kariuki, Am Psychologist and entrepreneur
the current BOM Chair at UhuruGarden Primary School;

The role of BOM is to represent the ministry of education on
the ground; so we have our mandates well spelled out and we have an act that guides
us; the basic education act 2013.This basic act gives us our way forward in
terms of infrastructure, discipline, quality education for the children, accounting
for school funds, charging levels on our infrastructures and so on;

We do our reports and it goes to the head of our ministry
who is in this case the permanent secretary. in the school we have a committee
for guidance and counselling. After the government abolished copra punishment,
it was envisioning that discipline will be dealt by counselling through empowerment,
training and sensitization. so moving forward this is something we are chatting
our ways so that we can have consultants and volunteers coming to give one on
one sessions, group training to our children. the one we have serious issues
can have sessions outside school.

We have faced several challenges; we have worked on many;
right now as we compared with the situation before; that structures are now at
better state courtesy of CDF; However, we currently have serious water problem;
Given the background of our children, where they come from in formal
settlements we have serious issues on nutrition which is also part of the mandate
of PA and BOM; Our children sometimes will come to school hungry. They will
come dirty, their laundry is undone; where they come from availability of water
and food is an issue; of course an under-fed child will not do well as

required; so those are some of the challenges we are facing.

We have stop-gap measures where we bring water to School but
in the long-term we plan to have borehole. Government provides free primary
education and we are grateful because without it many of these children would
not be here. However, when we come to food, uniform and sanitation are catered
by parent and majority of them in this school cannot afford. One of the way we
come up is through adoption; the adopt the child would require that we look for
external sponsors and well-wishers; who will help to provide basic needs for
them so that they can continue with education. They can provide meal programme
such as breakfast, lunch and in the evening as they go home because some do not
even have supper in their homes.

We look for donors who can assist in buying uniforms and the
shoes.In regard to sanitation, we have been providing shower programme; whereby
we provide them with soaps and water and also a laundry area where they can
wash their uniform and dry them during the course of the day.

Adopt a child programme we seek to introduce boarding where
those from informal settlement areas who are extremely in worst situation can
be taken care of by the school here. Also for security purposes which lack in
their settlement. Boarding will be income generating for raising revenue for
our school. Hence we request well-wishers to come onboard and support this initiative;
it will be an open-door programme lead will a lot of transparency by BOM PA

Over the years the performance has changed and we have made
great strides towards improving as compared to last years. We advocate for
children empowerment to raise overall performance. We have discipline committee
which deals with grievous issues; we also have a reward programmes where good behavior
is rewarded while bad one is punished. We are planning to bring in counselling

also to strengthen
the programmes. Sponsors and well-wishers will help us to pursue counselling
carried out by professional counselors which demand money.

Once the sponsor comes and provide what is necessary the
school will then account to them through photos because we intend to have accountability
and transparency to ensure whatever they provided have been used for the best
interest of the child.