The Korean International Cooperation Agency(KOICA) in conjunction with the Ministry of Education came up with the Primary School Environmental Improvement and Capacity Building Project in 2014. The project aims to build an ICT Center to help in integrating Information Technology in teaching and learning. The project proposes to construct a building with two computer labs, an auditorium for meetings, Head teacher's office, kitchenette and washrooms.

Uhuru Gardens Primry School was established in 1984 by the then Nairobi City Council to ease congestion in neighboring schools. It is located off Langata road and opposite Langata Hospital. The school has a population of 600 pupils with 17 TSC teachers, 1 BOM teacher and 6 support staff. It draws its pupils from unplanned urban settlements of Southlands and Kibera.

The main aim of the project above is to develop an exemplary successful ICT Innovation Center and model for primary schools in the reagion while creating sustainability for the ICT center making sure it is competently managed for the benefit of the schools and local communities.

Challenges facing the project

  1. Lack of adequate time to train teachers and students – MOE is so strict on matters concerning performance and CBC. The curriculum is somehow congested.
  2. Maintenance of the facility(power bills, cleaning, breakdown).
  3. Since it is managed by a team, decision making might be a challenge sometimes. The business might take time to take off, requires a lot of promotion. We had targeted to reach 6000 people in a year but it is not easy to advertise and market the Innovation Center. Customers Year 1: the target could be 6000 people. In three years, with experience, advertisement and market growth, it is anticipated there would be an average of 20000 visitors to the business.
  4. Lack of adequate teachers – being classroom teachers and then managing the ICT center.
  5. It is a free to use facility for the Government hence sustaining the facility and traffic may be hard.
  6. Loss of key staff members.
  7. The change of BOM every 3 years.
  8. Transfer of trained and there is no control on hiring and firing of teachers.
  9. Computer training sessions have not kicked off well. Learners may not be in a position to pay for evening workshops.
  10. Very few volunteers.
  11. ICT champion kids may not be trained well as in number one.
  12. ICT teacher's responsibility may not have enough time to do everything as per the Business Plan(Refer to no. 1)

ICT Center Products and Services

The ICT Center will have the best in IT and some of the services offered shall be:

  1. Photocopying, printing and scanning.
  2. Computer Training Sessions.
  3. Conference and Auditorium Hall for hire.


1. Cyber Cafe

Item Description Cost
Cyber Cafe Browsing per minute KES 1
Printing Black and white KES 5
Colored KES 20
Scanning Per page KES 20
Photocopying Black and white KES 3
Colored KES 10

2. Computer Training Sessions

Item Description Cost
Microsoft Packages 10 packages training KES 4000
Programming Basic IT programming per month KES 15000

3. Other Sevices

Here are a number of options for business from the Hall and otherwise:

  1. Hiring of Hall(Auditorium) – KSH 15000
  2. Conference facilities – KSH 10000 a day and KSH 5000 half day.
  3. Computer Labs – 18000 a day and KSH 9000 half a day


The ICT Center's main objective is to accord the users with the necessary resources and the environment which will enable them to learn skills and acquire ICT knowledge for use in their day to day activities. For effective and sustainable use of the Center, the users(to be defined) are expected without fail and at all times abide by the regulations stated herein. These rules and regulations do not take precedence over the constitution and other laws of the Republic of Kenya. In the event of contradictions and/or vagueness the laws of the land shall carry the day, for they are supreme.

Definition of users

  1. Pupils of the school where the ICT Center is located.
  2. Teachers of school where the ICT Center is located.
  3. The community, individuals and/or groups of individuals.(Admitted into the Center as per the stated terms and conditions)

The Rules and Regulations are binding to all groups of users and they are therefore expected to be well acquainted with the rules and regulations.

A Temporary Panel constituting of the Ministry of Education officials, the Board of Management and other relevant and qualified persons shall be convened to handle the recruitment of competent and highly qualified staff for the ICT Center. The panel shall also listen to issues concerning the performance and conduct of the staff and thereafter effect disciplinary actions including dismissal of the said staff if deemed necessary. While discharging its duties the panel shall adhere to fair practices as stipulated in the Labour Relations Act No. 14 of 2007. Revised Edition 2012 and other laws of the Republic of Kenya.

  • The ICT Center Management under the supervision of the Head Teacher shall perform the following duties:
    • Manage the use of the ICT Center's resources with the goal of guaranteeing their prudent use.
    • Monitor the day to day running of the ICT Center.
    • Design and Develop and Develop programs that will ensure maximum use of the ICT center.
    • Administer the use of the ICT Center's Website.
    • Delegate duties and responsibilities to other staff member if any.
    • Perform other duties, concerning the ICT Center, as assigned by the senior levels of the management.
  • The Board of Management shall seat annually to evaluate the performance of the ICT Center, propose appropriate measures and approve proposals presented before it by the ICT Center Manager.
  • The Ministry of Education together with the KOICA team shall be the patrons of the ICT Center and therefore they will be tasked with the responsibility of offering policy advice on the management of the center from time to time.

Definition of Key Terms and Concepts

  • The ICT Center is a Non-Profitble entity and therefore any monetary benefits accrued as a result of the use of its resources directly or indirectly shall strictly be used for the purposes of running and improvement of the ICT Center only.
  • In order to maintain good relations with the community and in the spirit of giving back to the society, the ICT Center shall organize and/or take part in charity events and trainings on a quarterly basis.
  • The Performance of the ICT Center shall be measured in light of the number of learners that have successfully been trained in the center, the performance of its representatives in ICT Competitons, its self-sustainability and the effectiveness of the charity events.
  • The ICT Center is built around the concept of self-sustainability. The management shall therefore run and implement programs that will yield monetary returns that shall be channeled towards the running of the day to day activities of the Center.
  • The ICT Center's main objective is to accord the users with an opportunity to learn therefore it should be noted that at all times learning shall be given priority over other business activities.
Rules for the day to day running of the ICT Center
  • It shall be opened from Monday to Friday at 8.00am and closed at 5.00pm withe the exceptions of National and Public Holidays.
  • The ICT Center may however be operational outside the time period stated above in the event of presence of activities and programs that will yield resources and monetary returns to the ICT Center.
  • The management shall ensure that the safety of the users of the Center is guaranteed at all times.
  • The bookings for the use of ICT Center and its resources shall be done entirely on the online website platform. In the event of the inability of prospective clients to do booking online the staff of the Center are expected to offer assistance.
  • Admission and approval for the use of the ICT Center, for the third group of users, shall be based on first come, first serve basis. Exceptions may however be made in the event where the Center stands to benefit considerably.
  • The staff shall keep a detailed record of the condition of the resources in the Center before and after use of by any  group of users.
  • The management shall ensure that the ICT Center is running at its full capacity at all times.
  • The keys to the locks of the Center shall be put in a known and secure location. It is expected that the Head Teacher shall at all times have knowledge of the whereabouts of the said keys and the individuals in possession of the same.
  • The ICT Center has the full rightd to its information resourfes, programs and software. Any attempt to maliciously interfere with the integrity and/or access unauthorized information will lead to commencement of criminal proceedings against the individual and disqualification from using the Center and the resources within.
  • In the unfortunate event that the physical resources of the Center are damaged by the user, either intentionally or unintentionally, then the said user responsible for the damage shall undertake to make repairs, if possible, purchase another similar property or offer money equivalent to the value of the the damaged property. Failure to do so will lead to the commencement of criminal proceedings against the individual and disqualification from using the Center and the resources within. A detailed compensation plan is attached below.
  • The management shall ensure that these and other rules and regulations are posted at strategic places within and without the precincts of the ICT Center.
  • The users shall refrain themselves from reading or modifying other users' files.
  • The lab shall be kept clean and tidy at all times.
  • The users shall turn off computers accordingly after use.
  • The users shall not load or attempt to install programs without knowledge by the management.
  • The users shall not change the settings of the computers, attempt to repair or tamper with ICT Center resources and/or change the physical position of thr Center's equipments.
  • Users are expected to uphold good character, respect other users andbe forthcoming with information that may help improve the quality of the Center's resources and the services being offered in or around the ICT Center.
Compensation Plan for damaged resources
  • The Pupils and Teachers shall be considered as insiders and therefore any loss or damage of the Center's resources resulting from actions of these users shall be recovered by the school of the respective Teacher(s) and/or Pupil(s).
  • The school shall therefore make arrangements to compensate or repair the damaged resource within a reasonable amount of time, a time period that will not significantly affect the operations of the Center but not later than 3 months since the damage date.
  • The school shall however put in place control mechanisms that will discourage the Pupils and Teachers from putting themselves in positions that is likely to result to losses and damage of resources.
For the other group of users the following steps shall be taken in the event of loss and/or damage of the Center's resources:
  1. The individual in-charge during that session shall obtain evidence of the damage either photographic or otherwise before notifying the ICT Center Manager.
  2. The ICT Center Manager shall get the consent and agreement from the User that their actions indeed resulted in loss and/or damage(This shall be done in writing- failure to which actions shall be taken against the user)
  3. The ICT Center Manager shall then direct the User to repair or buy another resource of equal value within a period of 30 days. This agreement shall be done in writing.
  4. The ICT Center Manager together with the Head Teacher shall inspect the resource once repaired or bought by the user to ascertain its quality and if satisfied the ICT Center Manager shall indicate so in writing.
  5. After the lapse of 30 day period and the user is yet to make compensations and it is established that they are not actively making arrangements to do so then the ICT Center Manager shall notify the Head Teacher who will notify the Board of Management of the developments.
  6. The School shall then report the matter to the nearest police station for the commencement of criminal proceedings against the user with the view of compelling the user to make the compensations.
  7. In the unfortunate event that the outcome of the Judicial Process is unfavorable, the user shall be banned from ever using the Center and its resources. The school shall make arrangements to make the compensation through its own kitty or that of the Center. An audit shall be conducted to identify the reason for the unfavorable outcome and necessary actions to make amends