About Uhuru Garden’s Support a Child’s Education

Through its board, Uhuru Gardens Primary School has established the support a child’s education initiative to make learning easier for its students. The majority of the school’s learners reside in Kibera, the largest urban informal settlement on the continent, where water, food, clothes, and hygiene facilities are in limited supply. The initiative seeks to address these challenges with the help of individual and institutional donors. All donations will go to the needy children through the school.

Target Projects

Daily meals:

Students come to school hungry because their parents have nothing to provide. These students also miss dinner in the evenings and may be forced to work after school to feed themselves. As a result, this project will ensure that no child will sit through lessons on an empty stomach or work for food. Donations will go towards providing 3 meals a day and a snack: breakfast, breaktime snack, lunch, and dinner.

For as little as $100, you can help a child get these daily meals for a whole month.

Clean water:

This project aims to provide clean water for the learners by drilling a borehole in the school and setting up storage tanks. The water will be used for hygiene purposes, allowing children to bathe and clean their uniforms at the school since they’re unable to do this at home.

Hygiene facilities:

This project will provide bathrooms, a laundry area, and extra uniforms for the learners. That means that students can take a shower in the morning before classes and wash their uniforms at the end of the day. Improved cleanliness will make them more comfortable and more likely to concentrate in class.

Boarding facilities

Eventually, the school wants to offer boarding facilities to these needy children so that they can have a safer and more conducive environment away from the harsh realities of the slum. This is a long-term project.

Classroom facilities:

The school runs on a limited budget which makes it difficult to provide the necessary classroom facilities. Therefore, this project will supply desks, chairs, and whiteboards through the donations received.

Solar system & CCTV cameras:

This project aims to deliver solar power in the school as a backup to the main source of electricity. Frequent blackouts inhibit learning at the ICT Centre, which was donated to the school by South Korea.

The ICT Centre also needs CCTV cameras for safety reasons. It houses valuable donated equipment like computers and printing machines.

How can you help?

You can contribute to any of these projects by filling out the form below and sending your donation. You can also adopt a child and donate $150 per month. The donation contributes to everything the child needs. That includes food, uniform, shoes, books, drinking water, health insurance, group counselling, and school tours.