Mathematics is a core subject taught in Uhuru Gardens Primary School, in all the levels and it is examined by KNEC.

Teaching of mathematics is emphasized as it promotes the development of problem solving skills, critical thinking and creativity needed in one’s life. In Uhuru Gardens the teaching of mathematics takes a practical approach which involves learners manipulating concrete objects and performing activities that lead them to understanding of the concept being taught. For example in topics like Geometry, Money, Graphs etc.

In Uhuru Gardens, the mathematics panel has embraced team teaching in order to meet the diverse needs of the learners in the classroom. In performance, the team is committed to working towards the set targets and goals.

ICT Department

Digital Literacy Training and Microsoft Training

Refresher courses KEMI 2017

The government of Korea, in collaboration with The Kenyan government …

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Girls Club

Girls Club was started in the school to check on the learning of the girl child.

Many girls were found missing school due to various reasons …

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